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If you’re looking for the perfect adhd bedroom ideas to help create a space that is ideal for your child with ADHD, then look no further! Creating an environment that is comfortable and geared towards helping children focus can make all the difference. Not only will it provide more enjoyable time spent in their room, but it could also decrease some of the symptoms associated with this condition.

The Challenge

The challenge we're tackling involves transforming a small, basement room measuring just nine feet by ten and a half feet into a functional and uplifting space. The current atmosphere in the room is dreary and cramped, which is particularly challenging for the occupant, who experiences ADHD. The lack of natural light and the confined space contribute to a feeling of being in a dungeon, which can negatively impact mood and productivity.

Despite these constraints, the goal is to create a bedroom that is not only visually appealing but also conducive to focus and calmness. This is especially important for individuals with ADHD, who often benefit from environments that support their unique needs for ADHD organization, stimulation, and relaxation.

A well organized bedroom .
A well organized bedroom .

The Makeover Plan

To tackle the challenge of Izzy's small, dungeon-like basement room, we're implementing a comprehensive makeover plan on a limited budget. A central strategy is to maximize the functionality of the closet, which will involve relocating her desk inside. This strategic move not only creates a dedicated workspace but also frees up valuable floor space, opening up new possibilities for the room's layout.

Beyond the closet transformation, we're reimagining the entire room's layout to enhance its spaciousness and functionality. This includes carefully rearranging the existing furniture to optimize the flow and usability of the space. By thoughtfully planning the placement of each item, we aim to create a more open and inviting atmosphere, despite the room's compact dimensions.

In addition to these spatial considerations, we're also exploring creative storage solutions to maximize organization and minimize clutter. Utilizing vertical space and multi-functional furniture pieces will be key strategies in this regard. Through these efforts, we aim to not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the room but also enhance its overall functionality and livability.

Rearranging Furniture

Rearranging furniture is a simple yet impactful way to breathe new life into your living space. This budget-friendly approach offers a quick and effective means of revitalizing the room's ambiance and functionality. By repositioning key pieces, you can create a fresh layout that not only feels different but also enhances the room's aesthetic appeal.

The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Unlike costly renovations or extensive redecorating, rearranging furniture requires no financial investment, making it an ideal option for those looking to refresh their space without breaking the bank. Moreover, the process itself can be enjoyable, offering a creative outlet and a sense of accomplishment as you transform the room's look and feel.

Whether you're looking to create a more open and spacious environment or simply seeking a change of scenery, rearranging furniture offers a flexible and versatile solution. So, if you're feeling uninspired by your current space, why not shake things up a bit? You may be surprised by the transformative impact a few strategic furniture moves can have on your home's atmosphere.

Touching Up the Walls

Before finalizing the room's layout, we'll start by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. This simple yet effective step can instantly brighten and rejuvenate the space, creating a more inviting and lively atmosphere. Choosing a light, neutral shade can help make the room feel larger and more open, while bold colors can add personality and flair.

In addition to painting, we're also planning to upgrade the lighting fixtures to improve the room's overall ambiance. By selecting fixtures that complement the room's style and provide ample light, we can enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space. From sleek, modern designs to classic, vintage-inspired pieces, the right lighting can truly transform a room.

To complete the makeover, we'll be adding new accessories and decor elements to tie the room together. From artwork and mirrors to rugs and throw pillows, these finishing touches will add warmth, texture, and personality to the space, making it feel more like home. By combining these elements, we aim to create a bedroom that is both comfortable and stylish, providing Izzy with a space she can truly enjoy.

 An organized bedroom with a touch of bold colors.
An organized bedroom with a touch of bold colors.

Cube Storage Solutions

Cube storage is a versatile and practical solution for organizing small spaces like Izzy's bedroom. It offers a simple and affordable way to store items while adding a stylish touch to the room's decor. In Izzy's room, we're maximizing the use of cube shelving to create a multifunctional headboard and bedside tables.

By using cube shelving as a headboard, we're able to combine storage and style seamlessly. The cubes provide compartments for storing books, decor items, and other essentials, keeping them within easy reach while also serving as a decorative focal point in the room. This approach not only maximizes vertical space but also adds visual interest to the room's design.

For the bedside tables, cube shelving offers a compact and efficient storage solution. By stacking cubes horizontally or vertically, we can create customized bedside tables that provide ample storage for bedside essentials such as books, lamps, and personal items. This design not only saves space but also adds a modern and organized look to the room.

Cube storage is a versatile and practical solution for small spaces, offering both functionality and style. In Izzy's room, we're utilizing cube shelving to create innovative storage solutions that enhance the room's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Why are ADHD rooms so messy?

ADHD rooms can become messy for a variety of reasons. People with ADHD often have difficulty organizing their environments, leading to messiness. When the space is full of objects related to stimulating activities like crafting or electronics projects, it can get cluttered quickly. Some people with ADHD may struggle with executive functioning skills, making keeping their space in order difficult. Remembering a messy room doesn’t mean someone is lazy or careless; it could result from ADHD and other underlying conditions.

Do girls with ADHD sleep a lot?

It depends on the individual girl. Some girls with ADHD may experience sleep problems, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, as a symptom of their ADHD. However, others may need more sleep to manage their symptoms. Girls with ADHD must establish healthy sleep habits and routines to get enough rest. This could include avoiding screens before bedtime, exercising regularly, and creating a calm pre-bedtime routine. Discussing potential solutions with a healthcare provider is important if sleep problems persist.

What decor is best for ADHD?

The best type of decor for a room designed for someone with ADHD is one that creates minimal distractions. Keeping clutter and mess to a minimum is important because too much visual stimulation can be overwhelming. Choose calming colors and soft textures like light blues, greens, pastels, or neutrals. Avoid items with busy patterns or bright colors, as these can be overstimulating. Furniture should be arranged so there is plenty of room to move around and comfortable seating that allows the person with ADHD to recline or fidget without disturbing others.


These ADHD bedroom ideas demonstrate how you can revamp a room without breaking the bank. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can achieve a remarkable transformation. If you're seeking to refresh your living space, embrace innovative ideas and maximize your resources.