Looking to enhance your guitar skills and expand your musical knowledge? The video you're about to watch delves into the top five books every guitarist should consider adding to their collection. Whether you're an aspiring musician looking to improve your technique or an experienced player seeking to deepen your understanding of music theory, these books offer valuable insights and techniques that can benefit guitarists of all levels.

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Creative Guitar 2 by Guthrie Govan

"Creative Guitar 2" by Guthrie Govan is a masterpiece designed to elevate the playing skills of intermediate to advanced guitarists. This book focuses on refining technical aspects such as alternate picking, legato, and tapping, which are essential for creating intricate and expressive guitar solos.

Guthrie Govan's comprehensive approach not only enhances these specific techniques but also provides a broader understanding of musicality and expression on the guitar. With detailed explanations and exercises, " Creative Guitar 2 " is a valuable resource for guitarists looking to push their boundaries and unlock new levels of creativity in their playing.

A man playing a guitar.
A man playing a guitar.

Frank Gambale Technique Books 1 & 2

Frank Gambale's Technique Books 1 & 2 offer a comprehensive guide to music theory for guitarists, making them essential reads for those looking to expand their improvisational vocabulary and soloing techniques. These books delve into various chord types and their corresponding scales, providing a deep understanding of how to solo effectively over different chord progressions.

Gambale breaks down complex concepts into manageable pieces, making it easier for guitarists to grasp and apply them in their playing. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, these books can significantly enhance your understanding of music theory and improve your guitar skills.

Chord Chemistry by Ted Greene

"Chord Chemistry" by Ted Greene is a legendary guitar book that has been described by many guitarists as the "Bible" for guitar chords. This comprehensive guide contains every imaginable chord shape, making it a valuable resource for guitarists of all levels.

Whether you're a beginner looking to expand your chord vocabulary or an advanced player seeking new voicings and variations, " Chord Chemistry " has something to offer. Ted Greene's approach is thorough and detailed, offering insights into chord construction and application that can benefit players for a lifetime. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of chords and unlock new possibilities on the guitar, "Chord Chemistry" is a must-have book.

The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine

"The Jazz Theory Book" by Mark Levine is a highly recommended resource for musicians of all levels, not just jazz players. This comprehensive book covers contemporary music theory in a clear and understandable manner, making it accessible to a wide range of musicians.

Whether you're a guitarist looking to expand your theoretical knowledge or a musician from another discipline seeking to understand jazz concepts, this book has something to offer. With its detailed explanations and practical examples, " The Jazz Theory Book " can help you develop a deeper understanding of music theory and apply it to your playing, regardless of your musical background.

Books for guitarist.
Books for guitarist.

A Modern Method for Guitar Volumes 1, 2, & 3 by William Leavitt

"A Modern Method for Guitar" by William Leavitt is a comprehensive series designed to teach sight-reading to guitarists of all levels. This methodical approach guides players from basic exercises to advanced material, making it suitable for beginners and experienced guitarists alike.

The series covers a wide range of topics, including scales, arpeggios, chords, and musical concepts, providing a well-rounded education in guitar playing. Leavitt's method emphasizes building a strong foundation in sight-reading, which is essential for becoming a proficient guitarist. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your sight-reading skills, " A Modern Method for Guitar " is a valuable resource that can help you reach your musical goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Are these books suitable for beginners?

Yes, some of these books, such as "A Modern Method for Guitar" by William Leavitt, are designed to be suitable for beginners. They provide a structured approach to learning the guitar, starting with basic exercises and gradually progressing to more advanced material. However, some books, like "Creative Guitar 2" by Guthrie Govan, are more suitable for intermediate to advanced players looking to enhance their skills.

Do I need to have music theory knowledge to benefit from these books?

While having some music theory knowledge can be helpful, it is not always necessary. Many of these books, such as "Chord Chemistry" by Ted Greene, provide explanations and examples that are accessible to players with varying levels of music theory knowledge. They are designed to help players develop their understanding of music theory as it relates to the guitar.

Can I use these books for self-study or should I seek guidance from a teacher?

These books can be used for self-study, especially if you have some experience playing the guitar. However, seeking guidance from a teacher can be beneficial, particularly for beginners or those looking to deepen their understanding of the material. A teacher can provide personalized instruction and feedback to help you get the most out of these books.


Each of these books offers unique insights and approaches to improving guitar playing, making them valuable additions to any guitarist's library. Whether you're looking to enhance your technical skills, expand your music theory knowledge, or improve your sight-reading abilities, these books provide valuable resources and guidance.