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If you're a Squishmallow enthusiast, you're in for a treat as Claire's introduces its latest exclusive collection. In this video, we'll take a closer look at the unique features of these adorable plush companions, exploring their designs and discussing whether they're worth adding to your collection.

Genesis: A Little Angel in the Squishmallow Realm

One standout in the new lineup is Genesis, a delightful angelic Squishmallow available exclusively at Claire's. This charming addition deviates from the typical animal-themed Squishmallows, presenting collectors with a fresh and unique option. The design of Genesis is undeniably eye-catching, making it a potential must-have for enthusiasts seeking something different.

Step into the magical realm of Squishmallows with the introduction of Genesis, an enchanting 12" unicorn Squishmallow exclusively available at Claire's. Genesis emerges as a standout in the new lineup, captivating collectors with its delightful and angelic presence. Unlike the familiar animal-themed Squishmallows, Genesis introduces a fresh and unique option, adding a touch of whimsy and fantasy to your soft toy collection.

Genesis, with its unicorn-inspired design, transports collectors to a realm where imagination knows no bounds. The soft pastel hues and intricate details of this 12" Squishmallow make it an undeniably eye-catching addition to the Claire's exclusive collection. As you explore the magical features of Genesis, it becomes clear that this unicorn Squishmallow is not just a toy but a must-have for enthusiasts seeking a departure from the ordinary.

Claire's, known for curating unique and exclusive items, has truly outdone themselves with the creation of Genesis. The charming addition of this unicorn Squishmallow opens up new possibilities for collectors, showcasing the brand's commitment to offering diverse and imaginative options. Whether you're a seasoned Squishmallow enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of soft toys, Genesis promises to add a magical touch to your collection.

Genesis, the 12" unicorn Squishmallow, represents a departure from the typical animal-themed offerings, introducing a character that sparks joy and captures the essence of fantasy. The careful attention to detail in its design, coupled with the exclusive availability at Claire's, elevates Genesis to the status of a coveted and unique soft toy.

A Sun Squishmallow? Breaking the Mold of Tradition

Breaking away from conventional designs, the collection includes a sun-themed Squishmallow. With its unconventional appearance, this Squishmallow may leave you wondering if it's a welcomed addition to your collection. The world of Squishmallows is evolving, introducing not only animals but also inanimate objects with personality.

The collection's groundbreaking inclusion of a sun-themed Squishmallow challenges the norm, inviting enthusiasts to explore beyond the realms of traditional animal-inspired designs. The unconventional appearance of this 12" Sun Squishmallow prompts a moment of reflection, leaving collectors pondering its welcomed place in their cherished soft toy collections.

With its warm and radiant design, the sun-themed Squishmallow brings a burst of positivity and energy to the Squishmallow universe. Its unconventional form may initially raise eyebrows, but as you immerse yourself in the evolving world of Squishmallows, you'll discover the beauty of embracing inanimate objects with unique personalities.

The evolution of Squishmallows is evident in this sun-shaped addition, transcending the boundaries of what was once considered the norm. The collection not only introduces animals but expands its horizons to include objects like the sun, demonstrating a commitment to creativity and diversity within the world of soft toys.

As you contemplate the inclusion of the 12" Sun Squishmallow in your collection, consider the joy it brings and the departure from the ordinary it represents. Claire's continues to redefine the soft toy landscape, pushing the boundaries of tradition to offer collectors fresh and innovative options.

A Party Hat Squishmallow: Celebrations in Soft Form

Adding an element of festivity, the lineup includes a Squishmallow sporting a party hat, holding a cake. This departure from the usual animal-themed Squishmallows showcases the creativity and diversity of the new collection. The question arises: is this unique addition something you'd want to include in your ever-growing Squishmallow family?

The inclusion of a Squishmallow donning a party hat and holding a cake not only adds a touch of festivity but also unveils the brand's commitment to creativity. This unique departure from the conventional animal-themed designs exemplifies the innovative thinking behind each Squishmallow creation. As you explore this whimsical addition, the question naturally arises: would you want this extraordinary Party Hat Unicorn Squishmallow to join your ever-growing Squishmallow family?

The Party Hat Unicorn Squishmallow brings a burst of celebratory energy, making it a standout in the collection. Its design captures the essence of joyous moments, encouraging collectors to embrace the diversity of soft toys beyond traditional animal forms. The intricate details of the party hat and the carefully crafted cake in the Squishmallow's embrace showcase the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with Claire's exclusive releases.

As Squishmallow enthusiasts evaluate the potential addition of the Party Hat Unicorn to their collections, they are faced with a delightful conundrum. Does this unique and festive Squishmallow align with the themes of joy and celebration in your collection? The decision to welcome this whimsical addition into your Squishmallow family becomes a personal choice, reflecting your appreciation for the extraordinary and the willingness to infuse a touch of festivity into your soft toy repertoire.

Tie-Dye Fox: A Burst of Colorful Personality

Introducing the tie-dye fox, another standout in the lineup. This Squishmallow brings a vibrant and colorful twist with its tie-dye pattern and adorable design. The addition of unique patterns and features sets this collection apart from the traditional Squishmallows we've seen in the past.

The Tie-Dye Fox Squishmallow takes soft toys to a new level with its lively and expressive design. The intricate tie-dye pattern, carefully curated to bring forth a spectrum of colors, transforms this fox into a visual delight. This burst of vibrancy showcases Claire's dedication to infusing uniqueness into each Squishmallow, making it a must-have for collectors seeking diversity in their soft toy assortments.

The inclusion of the Tie-Dye Fox marks a departure from the familiar, ushering in a collection that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional Squishmallows. The infusion of unique patterns and features propels this exclusive lineup into a realm of its own, inviting collectors to embrace a fresh perspective on soft toy aesthetics.

As Squishmallow enthusiasts explore the Tie-Dye Fox, the question naturally arises: does this burst of colorful personality align with your soft toy preferences? The kaleidoscopic design and adorable features of the fox Squishmallow present a delightful departure from the ordinary, urging collectors to consider the extraordinary in their ever-expanding Squishmallow collections.

Mochi-Inspired Fox: A Playful Twist on Squishmallows

One particularly adorable member of the collection is a fox that resembles a mochi. Mochi is known for its distinct face designs, and this Squishmallow follows suit. Despite the deviation from the classic Squishmallow appearance, this fox maintains its squishy charm, showcasing the evolution of design within the Squishmallow universe.

The Mochi-Inspired Fox Squishmallow takes cues from the distinct face designs of mochi, a nod to the beloved Japanese treat. Despite the deviation from the classic Squishmallow appearance, this fox retains its inherent squishy charm, marrying the whimsical essence of mochi with the beloved qualities of Squishmallows. The result is a visual and tactile delight that showcases the creative evolution within the Squishmallow universe.

As collectors explore this playful twist on Squishmallows, the endearing features of the Mochi-Inspired Fox become apparent. The distinctive face, reminiscent of mochi treats, adds a touch of whimsy to the traditional fox design. This fusion of playful elements not only highlights the creativity behind the collection but also invites enthusiasts to embrace the evolution of design within the Squishmallow universe.

The Mochi-Inspired Fox Squishmallow becomes a testament to Claire's dedication to pushing boundaries and introducing novel concepts to soft toy enthusiasts. This playful revolution in design provides collectors with a fresh perspective, encouraging them to appreciate the fusion of cultural inspirations and soft toy aesthetics.

Jingles the Cat: A Wonderland Vibe with a Unique Tail

Completing the lineup is Jingles, a cat Squishmallow that exudes an Alice in Wonderland vibe. What sets Jingles apart is its unique tail that wraps around from back to front, adding an extra touch of whimsy to this already distinctive collection.

Jingles, the Cat Squishmallow , effortlessly transports collectors into a world reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland. Its design evokes the fantastical and surreal elements of Alice's adventures, making it a must-have for those seeking a touch of whimsy in their soft toy collection. The charming details and playful aesthetic create an endearing atmosphere, inviting enthusiasts to experience the magic of Jingles.

However, what truly sets Jingles apart within this exclusive collection is its extraordinary tail. Unlike conventional Squishmallows, Jingles boasts a tail that wraps around from back to front, introducing an element of surprise and uniqueness. This additional touch of whimsy elevates Jingles to a new level, showcasing Claire's dedication to pushing boundaries and introducing imaginative elements to delight collectors.

As you consider the inclusion of Jingles in your soft toy repertoire, the question arises: does this Wonderland-inspired feline align with your whimsical tastes? The combination of an Alice in Wonderland vibe and the unique tail design offers collectors a one-of-a-kind experience, encouraging them to embrace the extraordinary in their ever-growing Squishmallow family.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What makes the Squishmallows 12" Claire's Unicorn Soft Toy unique?

The Squishmallows 12" Claire's Unicorn Soft Toy stands out due to its exclusive design and size. This unicorn-themed Squishmallow, available at Claire's, features a 12-inch stature, making it larger than standard Squishmallows. The unicorn motif adds a touch of enchantment to the soft toy, and it is adorned with Claire's distinct creative flair.

Where can I purchase the Squishmallows 12" Claire's Unicorn Soft Toy?

The Squishmallows 12" Claire's Unicorn Soft Toy is exclusively available at Claire's stores or through Claire's official online platform. As Claire's curates unique and exclusive items, this particular Squishmallow can be found among their collection of soft toys. It's advisable to check Claire's website or visit their physical stores to acquire this special unicorn-themed addition to the Squishmallow family.

What features distinguish the Squishmallows 12" Claire's Unicorn Soft Toy from other unicorn-themed Squishmallows?

The Squishmallows 12" Claire's Unicorn Soft Toy is distinguished by its size, design intricacies, and the exclusive touch Claire's brings to its creations. The 12-inch stature provides a larger and more huggable experience. Additionally, Claire's is known for infusing creativity into their exclusive items, ensuring that this unicorn Squishmallow boasts unique features and details that set it apart from other unicorn-themed Squishmallows in terms of charm and design.


In summary, Claire's new exclusive Squishmallow collection is a departure from the ordinary. While these Squishmallows may not fit the traditional mold of animal-themed plushies, they bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the world of soft collectibles. If you're looking to diversify your Squishmallow collection, these unique additions might just be the perfect fit.