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Are you looking for a new way to add sparkle to your look? Look no further than teeth jewelry! Teeth jewelry has become a popular trend in recent years, and for a good reason.

These small and subtle accessories add a touch of glamour to your smile, making it impossible not to stand out in a crowd. This article has compiled a list of ten dazzling Amazon products that will make your teeth shine bright!

Our top pick:

61 Pcs Tooth Gem Kit DIY Teeth

For anyone looking to add a bit of sparkle to their smile, we recommend the 61 Pcs Tooth Gem Kit. With its quality artificial crystals that deliver a unique and dazzling effect, this kit is perfect for customizing your teeth and adding an extra touch of personality.

It's easy to apply, won't break or wear down over time, and comes with all the materials you need for a successful gem application. Whatever your style, this kit will help make your smile sparkle.



TOPGRILLZ Gold Grills for Your Teeth

Why we love it:

TOPGRILLZ Gold Grills for Your Teeth are the perfect way to show off your style and shine with 18K gold plated hip hop custom fit polished teeth Grillz. The one-size-fits-most-people design has four silicon molding bars for a reusable and excellent fit.

Quality control ensures you get the finest product, and each grill is electroplated three times with environmental brass to ensure it will never tarnish or change color. Each piece is tested for nickel allergy and is the perfect finishing touch to any hip-hop, Halloween, music concert, or fashion performance look.

What you should know:

TOPGRILLZ Gold Grills for Your Teeth are one size fits most, but if you have any problems reaching the perfect fit, please contact TOPGRILLZ for a free replacement. Please contact them with any questions or concerns about their fabulous customer service. Enjoy your shine and elegance like a rockstar.




Why we love it:

Swarovski's XIRIUS Rose Flatbacks No-Hotfix crystals are the latest in crystal innovation from Swarovski, with a more precise cut and increased brilliance. The sizes included in this pack of 144 pieces are perfect for manicures, pedicures, and nail art designs.

With a beautiful Crystal Paradise Shine color, they will sparkle and add style to any nail design. With their high quality, durability, and easy application, these crystals are a must-have for any nail art enthusiast. So let your inner creativity shine with Swarovski Crystal Paradise Shine Flatbacks.

What you should know:

Swarovski Crystal Paradise Shine Flatbacks are made with the highest quality standards. Each crystal has an innovative XIRIUS Rose cut for maximum sparkle and shine, making them perfect for any nail design.

They come in various sizes ranging from ss5 (1.8mm) to ss30 (6.4mm), giving you plenty of options to create your unique nail art look. As a bonus, the crystals come in a convenient and stylish presentation box, making them easy to store and transport. To apply, use an adhesive such as nail glue or UV/LED Gel Nail Polish for best results.



Rhinestones,3150pcs Clear Nail Gems

Why we love it:

We love these Rhinestones,3150pcs Clear Nail Gems Silver Face Jewels Tooth Eye Gems-Tiny Glass Nail Diamonds Stone Shine Swarovski-Small White Crystals Rhinestone for Acrylic Nails-Craft Gems with Wax Pen HINABTRU because it is easy to use and comes with helpful applicator tools.

It also gives us many creative options, with seven sizes and over 3000 shimmering rhinestones. We can use it to decorate nails and faces for a dazzling look, and we can also use it to create unique craft projects for all sorts of occasions.

What you should know:

Avoid contact with water or other liquids, as this may cause discoloration or damage to the stones. When using the wax pen to pick up the rhinestones, gently press on it until you can see a small piece of wax attached to the tip.

Then, use the tweezers to pick up and place the rhinestone in the desired area. Make sure to clean your hands before starting. Any project with these tiny gems for nails. Also, avoid using glue to attach these rhinestones, which may damage them.



Halloween Face Temporary Tattoos

Why we love it:

Halloween faces temporary tattoo set is perfect for Halloween cosplay and parties. The realistic designs are enough to create an unforgettable memory and come in various styles and sizes. They're easy to apply or remove with alcohol or oil, lasting up to 3-5 days. They are also safe to use on any skin type and eco-friendly.

What you should know:

Temporary face tattoos come in 10 sheets, each measuring 5.12in x 2.76in. The mouth designs on them are of various styles and sizes, but the mouth is a whole part, so you need to tear it apart using a toothpick.

To remove the tattoo sticker, rub your skin with alcohol, baby oil, olive oil, or coconut oil for one minute and gently scrub off. Reapply a lotion to moisturize and soothe the skin area afterward. Avoid rubbing hard when washing as it might fade away faster.



Nail Art Rhinestones Kit HUETFAT 120Pcs

Why we love it:

Nail Art Rhinestones Kit from HUETFAT provides everything you need for unique and beautiful nail art designs. The kit includes two packs of stones – one with clear rhinestones and AB flatback rhinestones in 6 sizes, totaling 2400pcs, and the other with multi-shaped 3D nail charms and accessories in 12 sizes, iridescent AB, totaling 120pcs.

Also included with the kit are a rhinestone picker tool, a tweezer, and a wax pen for applying small nail stones. The nail gems and rhinestones are made of high-quality K9 glass, not cheap plastic-looking stones, and have an AB coating that helps reflect light for a long-lasting sparkle.

What you should know:

This nail art kit is perfect for creating unique and beautiful nail designs. It includes all the necessary tools and supplies to get you started, and the high-quality stones help ensure your design will last. The included tweezer and wax pen are especially helpful when applying small stones.

With this kit, you can create your unique look with ease. Whether a beginner or a professional nail artist, this kit has everything you need to do the job correctly. So go ahead and start creating. You’ll be sure to love the results.



Adastra Blings 925 Sterling Silver White

Why we love it:

Adastra Blings 925 Sterling Silver Teeth Gems is the perfect choice for a unique and bold look. Whether you want to add some sparkle to your smile or switch up your style, these teeth gems will give you the confidence boost you deserve.

Plus, they’re made from 925 sterling silver with white, yellow, or rose gold plating for an extra luxurious look. With this abrasive backing, you can be sure these gems stay in place all day. Don’t forget to take advantage of this wholesale deals and customize your design into a teeth bling.

What you should know:

Make sure to follow the instructions carefully when applying your teeth gems. Remember that your tooth gem should be applied with a temporary adhesive only.

Do not use permanent adhesives, as this can cause damage to your teeth and gums. If you have any doubts or questions, please consult a dental professional before applying the product.



DelightBox 12 Vampire Fangs Plastic Teeth

Why we love it:

DelightBox 12 Vampire Fangs Plastic Teeth are perfect for creating a spooky Halloween look with realistic effects. The flexible white plastic teeth are non-toxic and harmless, so they can be used repeatedly without worrying about deformation.

They're great for boys, girls, or adults to dress up in vampire or werewolf costumes and are perfect for Halloween, Christmas, or any themed party. Plus, they come with a full refund or replacement guarantee if unsatisfied.

What you should know:

These plastic teeth suit most people and can easily be put in the mouth without discomfort. They should also be stored carefully as they are made of delicate plastic, which may become deformed if improperly handled.

DelightBox 12 Vampire Fangs Plastic Teeth are a great addition to any Halloween costume or spooky-themed party. They're non-toxic, lightweight, and easy to store, making them great for any Halloween enthusiast.



TSANLY Gold Grillz Mouth Teeth

Why we love it:

TSANLY Gold Grillz Mouth Teeth 24K Plated Gold Custom Fit Top & Bottom Set Caps Grillz are perfect for any occasion. They deliver a quality product with an adjustable fit and come with extra molding bars and microfiber cloths to ensure they stay in place. We love the double gold plating that won.

What you should know:

These Gold Grillz are not easy to fade, using 24K real gold plated and a jeweler's bronze core for durability. They have high-quality brass and adjustable grillz to fit the shape of your tooth for a perfect fit. The molds are easy to shape, and with the extra silicone molding bars, you can be sure it will fit perfectly.



4880Pcs White Nail Crystals Rhinestones

Why we love it:

These 4880Pcs White Nail Crystals Rhinestones are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to your nail art. With 4880 pieces, you have everything you need to add stunning detail to any manicure. The stones come in multiple shapes and sizes, offering many design options.

The flat back makes them easy to stick on with nail glue, and the glass material gives them a beautiful sparkle that catches the eye. Perfect for professional or home-do manicurists, these 4880Pcs White Nail Crystals Rhinestones are essential for any nail art kit.

What you should know:

These 4880Pcs White Nail Crystals Rhinestones are glass, so please handle them carefully. They come in various shapes and sizes and should be used with nail glue for the best results. You will receive 4880 pieces in a resealable bag – perfect for easy storage.

Layer the Pink Nail Crystals Rhinestones in different shapes and sizes to create eye-catching nail art. Start with a single stone to create the center of your design, then use larger stones to add extra sparkles around it. You can also combine different shades of pink for an even more striking effect.



Are Tooth Gems Cultural Appropriation
Are you wondering whether tooth gems are an example of cultural appropriation? Our article delves into this controversial topic, exploring the history and significance of tooth gems in various cultures and examining the arguments for and against their use by non-indigenous people.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is teeth jewelry called?

If you want to add a little extra sparkle to your smile, teeth dental jewelry is the way to go! Teeth jewelry is a type of body Jewelry that attaches to your teeth and can be found in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Whether you're looking for a subtle touch of glam or an all-out dazzling display, a teeth jewelry product on Amazon will suit your needs.

Some of our favorite teeth jewelry products include the Glittery Smile semi permanent tooth gems, which come in a set of 12 and are available in a variety of colors; the Shiny Gold Grillz, which come with everything you need to get a custom fit; and the Bling Teeth Jewelry Set, which includes 30 individual pieces so you can mix and match however you like so tooth gems cost is not so high.

How long does teeth jewelry last?

When it comes to teeth jewelry, you can expect it to last for as long as you take care of it. Of course, how often you need to replace it will depend on the type of product you choose. For instance, if you opt for a removable product, you can take it out to clean your tooth bling or change your look. However, if you choose a semi-permanent or permanent option, it will last until your next dentist appointment.

What is the best teeth whitening powder?

There are a few things to remember when it comes to teeth-whitening powder. First, you'll want to choose a powder that effectively removes stains and brightens tooth enamel. Second, you'll want to consider your budget and find a powder that fits within your price range. And lastly, you'll want to read reviews from other users to get an idea of which powders are the best on the market.

Is teeth jewelry safe?

When it comes to teeth jewelry, the most important question is: is it safe? The answer is a resounding yes! Teeth jewelry is made of high-quality materials that are safe for your tooth gems applied sometimes may lead to genuine swarovski crystals but it has safe dental materials. The jewelry is also easy to remove, so you can remove it whenever possible.

How do you clean yellow teeth?

If your teeth look a little yellow, you can do a few things to help whiten them. One option is to use whitening toothpaste. Many brands are available, so please read the labels to find the best work. You can also try using a whitening mouthwash or strips. Again, many products are available, so could you do some research to find the ones that will work best for you?


Teeth jewelry is a fun and unique way to add personality to your smile. In this article, we have reviewed ten hand-picked Amazon products that feature different types of tooth jewelry, including grillz, tooth crystals, tooth tattoos, and more. Each product is carefully selected to cater to different styles and preferences.