It can be tough to shop for tweens. They're not quite kids anymore, but they're not quite teens either. What do you get the kid who's too cool for toys but not quite ready for an iPhone? Look no further, we've got you covered with the best gifts for tweens that are both highly rated and practical!

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A subscription to a tween magazine

Subscribing to a tween magazine is a fantastic gift choice with numerous benefits for both the recipient and the giver. These magazines, such as "Girls' Life" and "Bop," are tailored precisely to the interests and concerns of tweens, typically aged between 9 and 12 years old.

Firstly, receiving a subscription to a tween magazine creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for the recipient. In an age where physical mail is becoming increasingly rare, getting a magazine addressed specifically to them can be a thrilling experience for a tween. It's a tangible reminder that someone cares about their interests and wants to provide them with something enjoyable.

Moreover, tween magazines offer age-appropriate content that is both entertaining and educational. They cover a wide range of topics relevant to tweens, including fashion, friendships, school, hobbies, and personal development. By reading these magazines, tweens can learn valuable lessons, gain insights into their own lives, and explore new interests in a safe and controlled environment.

Additionally, a subscription to a tween magazine can promote literacy and a love of reading. Encouraging tweens to read regularly helps improve their vocabulary, comprehension skills, and critical thinking abilities. It also fosters a habit of lifelong learning and curiosity about the world around them.

From the perspective of the giver, a subscription to a tween magazine is a thoughtful and practical gift choice. It demonstrates that you have taken the time to select something tailored to the recipient's age and interests, rather than opting for a generic present. It's a gift that keeps on giving, providing months of enjoyment and enrichment long after the initial excitement has faded.

A subscription to a tween magazine is a gift that offers excitement, education, and entertainment in equal measure. It's a gesture that shows you care about the recipient's well-being and development, making it a truly meaningful present for any tween.

Tweens Meet Christmas Shopping.
Tweens Meet Christmas Shopping.

A gift card to their favorite clothing store

A gift card to a tween's favorite clothing store is a thoughtful and practical gift choice that aligns perfectly with their burgeoning sense of style and independence. At this age, tweens are increasingly interested in expressing themselves through fashion, making a gift card to stores like Justice or Forever 21 a highly desirable present.

One of the key advantages of giving a gift card to a clothing store is that it empowers the tween to choose items that truly resonate with their personal taste. Tweenhood is a time of exploration and self-discovery, and clothing often plays a significant role in this process. By giving them the freedom to select their own garments, you're encouraging them to express their individuality and creativity.

Furthermore, a gift card to their favorite clothing store offers practical benefits for both the giver and the recipient. For the tween, it means they can shop at a store they already love and trust, ensuring that they'll be delighted with their purchases. It also eliminates the risk of receiving clothing that may not fit their style or preferences, ensuring that they get something they genuinely want and will wear.

For the giver, a clothing store gift card is a convenient and stress-free option. It eliminates the need to agonize over selecting the perfect outfit or worrying about whether it will fit correctly. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that the tween will be able to choose something they love, all while staying within your budget.

Overall, a gift card to a tween's favorite clothing store is a win-win solution. It allows them to exercise their independence, express their unique style, and select clothing that makes them feel confident and comfortable. It's a thoughtful gesture that shows you understand and respect their individuality, making it a truly meaningful gift for any tween.

A Kindle Fire

A Kindle Fire is a fantastic gift choice for tweens, offering a world of entertainment, education, and creativity at their fingertips. Tailored specifically for young readers and tech-savvy kids, the Kindle Fire provides access to a vast library of age-appropriate books, games, and apps, making it an engaging and versatile device.

For tweens who already have a love for reading, the Kindle Fire offers a convenient way to access a wide range of digital books. With the ability to download e-books instantly, they can explore new titles, discover favorite authors, and dive into immersive worlds with just a few taps. The interactive features of the Kindle Fire, such as built-in dictionaries and highlighting tools, enhance the reading experience and promote literacy skills.

Even for tweens who may need a little encouragement to pick up a book, the Kindle Fire provides an enticing gateway to the world of reading. Its vibrant display and multimedia capabilities make reading more interactive and engaging, appealing to kids who are drawn to visual stimuli. Additionally, the Kindle Fire offers access to educational apps and games that can help reinforce learning in subjects like math, science, and language arts.

Concerned about screen time? The Kindle Fire comes equipped with robust parental controls that allow caregivers to set limits on usage, restrict access to certain content, and monitor activity. This ensures that tweens can enjoy the benefits of the device while still maintaining a healthy balance between screen time and other activities.

Overall, a Kindle Fire is a gift that combines entertainment, education, and technology in a way that's perfect for tweens. Whether they're avid readers or aspiring gamers, the Kindle Fire offers endless possibilities for exploration and discovery, making it a gift they're sure to love and benefit from for years to come.

Tweens and their screens.
Tweens and their screens.

A personalized mug:

A personalized mug is a delightful and practical gift choice for tweens who enjoy hot beverages like hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Not only does it offer a vessel for their favorite drinks, but it also adds a touch of personalization and warmth to their daily routine.

One of the key benefits of a personalized mug is the opportunity to tailor it to the tween's interests and preferences. Whether they're passionate about a specific TV show, movie, or character, you can find a mug adorned with designs that reflect their fandom. Alternatively, opting for a mug personalized with their name or initials adds a special touch that makes it uniquely theirs.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a personalized mug holds sentimental value and can become a cherished keepsake. Each time the tween reaches for their mug, they'll be reminded of the thoughtfulness behind the gift and the person who gave it to them. It's a simple yet meaningful way to show you care and appreciate their individuality.

Moreover, a personalized mug serves a practical purpose in the tween's daily life. It provides a designated vessel for their favorite hot beverages, whether they're enjoying a cozy morning at home or sipping a warm drink on the go. Its sturdy construction and comfortable grip make it a reliable companion for their daily rituals, enhancing their overall drinking experience.

A personalized mug is a wonderful gift option for tweens who love hot drinks. It combines functionality with sentimentality, offering a daily reminder of the giver's thoughtfulness and the tween's unique personality. Whether adorned with their favorite characters or personalized with their name, a mug is sure to bring joy and warmth to their day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some popular gift ideas for tweens?

Tweens often appreciate gifts that cater to their interests and hobbies. Consider options like personalized items such as custom mugs or phone cases, subscription boxes for activities they enjoy, or tech gadgets like headphones or a tablet. Fashion-related gifts such as a gift card to their favorite clothing store or trendy accessories are also popular choices.

How do I choose a gift that is age-appropriate for a tween?

When selecting a gift for a tween, it's essential to consider their maturity level and interests. Look for items that align with their hobbies, favorite activities, or emerging passions. Avoid gifts that may be too juvenile or too advanced for their age, and opt for options that strike the right balance between fun and age-appropriateness.

Are there any gifts that promote learning and development for tweens?

Absolutely! There are many educational and enriching gifts that can foster learning and personal growth in tweens. Consider options like STEM kits, art supplies, DIY crafting sets, or interactive books and puzzles. Subscriptions to educational magazines or online learning platforms can also provide valuable resources for tweens to explore new interests and expand their knowledge.


Tweens can be tough to shop for, but our website has got you covered with the best gifts for tweens that are both highly rated and practical! From magazines to clothing gift cards to Kindles and mugs, we've got something for everyone on your list. So take a deep breath and relax—your holiday shopping is done!.