More and more couples celebrate their engagements with a unique symbol of commitment– an engagement ring on a necklace. With the increasing popularity of this trend, one has to ask why people are turning away from conventional styles for something a little different. There could be many motivations behind this decision – practical considerations, emotional connections to heirloom pieces and pendants, or even a desire to make an unexpected statement by opting for something completely original and fresh. Explore the reasons why in this blog post where we jump into the conversation about wearing your evidence that you’ve said 'yes!' around your neck.

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Costs of Putting a Wedding Ring on a Chain.

Putting an engagement ring on a necklace can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the quality of the chain and whether or not you will have it professionally done. Generally speaking, your local jeweler will charge between $50 and $100 for the service. That cost could increase significantly if you want to create a custom piece with gems or different metals.

It would be best to consider the impact of the stone wearing it on a necklace over time. This includes ensuring it is not rubbing against any metals and protecting your jewelry from damage or wear and tear.

Why Are Some People Wearing Engagement Rings on a Necklace?

People may wear their engagement ring on a necklace for various reasons. Practically speaking, it could be as simple as ensuring the ring is secure and won't slip off their finger. Or, they might prefer it that way aesthetic-wise. For some people, wearing an engagement ring on a necklace may also be a way to honor a family heirloom or a special gift from their partner.

Along these lines, it could also be an emotional connection to the person and their relationship that they want to keep close to them at all times. In any case, wearing your engagement ring on a necklace is ultimately about celebrating and honoring your commitment uniquely and personally.

What Does It Mean?

Wearing an engagement ring on a necklace symbolizes the bond between two people and their commitment to one another. It is a constant reminder of their love and connection and signals to others that these two are not just friends but lovers who have specially pledged their fidelity.

These are a few main reasons why some people wear their engagement ring on a necklace.


It can be a style statement for some or a way to show off the jewelry they received from their partner. Wearing an engagement ring on a necklace is also a way to honor family heirlooms and provide a sense of security and comfort that the ring won't fall off during active activities. Other people may wear the ring on a necklace as a tribute to their no longer partner. For some, this could be an emotional reminder that the relationship is ongoing, even if one of the partners has passed away.

Personal comfort or Work Related.

For some people, wearing an engagement ring on a necklace is a matter of personal comfort or practicality. For example, those with regular manual labor may find it more comfortable to wear the ring on a chain around their neck to avoid losing it or damaging the jewelry. Similarly, athletes who engage in intense physical activity may prefer to wear the ring this way for the same reasons. Individuals with sensitive skin may wear the engagement ring on a necklace to avoid irritation or discomfort from contact with the jewelry.

Tradition-based Widow.

The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on a necklace originates from the Widow's Ring. This was a custom in which a widow would wear her late husband’s wedding ring on a chain, usually around her neck or wrist. By doing this, she was symbolically keeping him close and honoring his memory. While not all people who wear their engagement ring on a necklace follow this tradition, some still choose to do it for sentimental value.

Sentimental Reasons.

Sentimental reasons are among the most common reasons why some people wear their engagement ring on a necklace. It can be a way of carrying a reminder of your partner, symbolizing the strong bond between you two that can last even when physical distance separates you.

Some feel like wearing an engagement ring on their neck is more meaningful and special, as it is constantly close to their hearts. Additionally, wearing the ring on a necklace can be an intentional statement of love, as if you proudly display your commitment to one another. It can also signify that your relationship is strong and unwavering even when apart.


One of the main reasons that some people choose to wear their engagement ring on a necklace is swelling. This can be caused by pregnancy, age, or other medical conditions like arthritis and diabetes, which can cause fingers to swell up. Wearing a ring on a necklace helps keep it safe and secure, even when your hands may not fit in the ring anymore.

It can also be a way to show off your engagement and love story, no matter what size your fingers are. Wearing a ring on a necklace allows you to take it off during some activities that could damage the jewelry or affect any swelling issues you may have. This helps keep both your hands and the ring safe from harm.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers.

Do you sleep in an engagement ring?

No, it is not recommended to sleep with an engagement ring on. The constant contact between the metal and your skin can cause damage to both the ring and your skin and increase the risk of losing or damaging your precious jewelry. It is best to store your engagement ring safely and securely when you are not wearing it. Consider investing in insurance for your ring as an extra precaution. If you choose to sleep with your engagement ring on, could you ensure it is properly sized and comfortable? Wearing a ring that is too tight can cause serious health risks, such as circulation issues or nerve damage.

What can I wear instead of an engagement ring?

Many couples choose to express their commitment and love through rings, but there are many other options that you can use to symbolize your engagement. You could opt for a necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelet, or even a custom piece of jewelry made just for the two of you. Other options include writing a poem or letter expressing your feelings for each other or even going out and getting matching tattoos. Whatever you choose to do should be special and meaningful to the two of you!

What is the golden rule for an engagement ring?

The traditional guideline for the size of an engagement ring is that it should cost two to three months' worth of your salary. However, purchasing an engagement ring is ultimately a personal decision and should reflect what you think is best for you and your partner. It's important to remember that the meaning behind the ring is far more important than its price tag.

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