If you've ever laid eyes on a Squishmallow, you know how irresistibly cute and huggable they are. These plush toys have taken the world by storm, captivating both children and adults alike. One of the most common questions that arise when it comes to Squishmallows is, "How big is an XL Squishmallow?"

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Understanding Squishmallows

Before we delve into the specifics of XL Squishmallows, let's have a quick overview of what Squishmallows are all about. Squishmallows are a line of super soft and squishy plush toys created by Kellytoy. They come in various designs, ranging from cute animals to whimsical creatures, and are known for their adorable appearance and comforting texture.

Sizes of Squishmallows

Squishmallows are available in different sizes to cater to various preferences. Let's explore the different sizes of Squishmallows:

Small-sized Squishmallows

The smallest Squishmallows typically measure around 7 to 8 inches in height. These petite companions are perfect for little hands or for those who prefer a more compact size.

Medium-sized Squishmallows

Medium-sized Squishmallows range from 12 to 14 inches in height, offering a larger presence for snuggling and displaying.

Large-sized Squishmallows

The large-sized Squishmallows provide a more substantial hugging experience, measuring around 16 to 20 inches in height. They are great for cozying up during movie nights or using as room decor.

Extra-large-sized Squishmallows

And now, we come to the stars of the show - the extra-large Squishmallows. These Squishmallows go above and beyond in size, offering an even bigger hugging experience. But just how big are they?

A Girl with squishmallows.
A Girl with squishmallows.

Exploring XL Squishmallows

What does XL mean in Squishmallows?

In the world of Squishmallows, XL stands for extra-large. These Squishmallows are designed to be significantly larger than their smaller counterparts, providing a more immersive and huggable experience.

Dimensions of XL Squishmallows

The exact dimensions of XL Squishmallows can vary slightly depending on the design, but they typically exceed 24 inches in height. This makes them substantially larger than large-sized Squishmallows, ensuring a more enveloping and comforting embrace.

The huggable experience of XL Squishmallows

XL Squishmallows offer a truly remarkable hugging experience. Their size allows you to wrap your arms around them, feeling their softness and squishiness in every embrace. Whether you need a cuddly companion for relaxation or a plush friend to lean on, XL Squishmallows provide comfort and coziness like no other.

Benefits of XL Squishmallows

Perfect for snuggling and lounging

With their larger dimensions, XL Squishmallows are perfect for snuggling and lounging. Whether you want to curl up with them on the couch, create a cozy reading nook, or simply have a cuddly companion to relax with, XL Squishmallows provide the perfect huggable solution.

Eye-catching room decor

XL Squishmallows not only offer comfort but also make eye-catching additions to any room decor. Their larger size allows them to stand out and become a focal point in bedrooms, living rooms, or even offices. Whether displayed on a shelf, bed, or chair, these larger-than-life Squishmallows add a touch of cuteness and personality to any space.

Comforting companions for all ages

While Squishmallows are loved by children, XL Squishmallows are also cherished by teenagers, adults, and anyone who appreciates their softness and comforting presence. They can provide emotional support, stress relief, and a sense of security for people of all ages.

Where to find XL Squishmallows

One of the most convenient ways to find XL Squishmallows is through online retailers. Platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Target often carry a variety of XL Squishmallows with different designs and characters. Online shopping allows you to explore options, compare prices, and have the Squishmallows delivered to your doorstep.

Specialty stores

Specialty stores that focus on plush toys and collectibles are another excellent place to find XL Squishmallows. These stores may have a wider selection of designs and offer a more personalized shopping experience. Check local toy stores or specialty gift shops in your area to discover XL Squishmallows in person.

Second-hand markets

If you're open to finding pre-owned Squishmallows, second-hand markets can be a treasure trove for XL Squishmallows. Online platforms such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace often have listings for gently used or collectible Squishmallows, including the XL size. Be sure to review product descriptions, photos, and seller ratings to ensure a reliable and satisfactory purchase.

A happy girl with squishmallows.
A happy girl with squishmallows.

Caring for XL Squishmallows

To keep your XL Squishmallows clean and fresh, spot cleaning is generally recommended. Gently dab any stains or spills with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid submerging the entire Squishmallow in water, as it may affect the integrity of the material. Air-drying is usually the best method for drying Squishmallows.

Proper storage and display options

Given their larger size, proper storage and display options are crucial for XL Squishmallows. Consider using shelves, display cases, or dedicated storage containers to keep them organized and protected when not in use. Protecting them from excessive sunlight and moisture is important to maintain their quality.

Handling and transportation considerations

When handling and transporting XL Squishmallows, be mindful of their size and weight. Support them from underneath when lifting or moving to prevent straining or damaging the Squishmallow. If you need to transport them, consider using large bags or covers to keep them clean and protected.


XL Squishmallows offer an even more substantial and huggable experience compared to their smaller counterparts. With dimensions exceeding 24 inches, these extra-large Squishmallows provide comfort, coziness, and eye-catching room decor. You can find XL Squishmallows through online retailers, specialty stores, or second-hand markets

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