Today, many people suffer from anxiety and other psychological disorders due to social isolation. The article discusses the top 5 vital ways to survive human contact that can help you cope with these issues.      


Touching is one of the most vital ways to survive human contact. It is essential for socialization, communication, and comfort. Touching also helps to maintain hygiene and prevents infection.

When touching someone, it is important to be aware of their personal space. Always keep your hands at your sides, palms outwards. If the person you're touching does not want to be touched, do not force yourself. Respect their wishes and move away slowly.

If you are uncomfortable with being touched, let the other person know right away. They may be able to help adjust the situation or provide a different form of contact that is more comfortable for both of you.

Eye Contact

There are a few things you can do to make social contact more comfortable for both you and the person you're talking to. Be aware of your body language. Make eye contact and maintain it throughout the conversation. Smile when appropriate, and avoid making any sudden movements or gestures. Avoid fidgeting, crossing your arms, or tapping your foot. Finally, speak at a normal volume; if you sound anxious or scared, the other person will likely be too.

Casual Conversation

There are a few things you can do to survive human contact.

Be open-minded.

Don't be afraid to try new things, and be willing to talk about anything and everything. You may be surprised at how much people enjoy a good conversation.

Be yourself.

If you're genuine and likable, people will be more likely to want to spend time with you. It's also important not to put up any artificial barriers — if someone is interested in talking with you, they will pick up on your cues.

Be patient.

People can sometimes be slow to warm up to new people, so don't get discouraged if it takes some time for them to strike up a conversation with you. In the meantime, try practicing some of the tips mentioned above!

Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is a vital part of human connection. It can be an enjoyable experience, or it can be painful. However, physical intimacy is important for both men and women. Here are five ways to survive human contact:

Listen attentively. When someone talks to you, listen carefully. Don’t interrupt them, and don’t take offense if they don’t talk all the time. Try to understand what they are saying and respond thoughtfully.

Touch gently. When someone touches you, let them know that you appreciate their touch. Be gentle with them, and avoid making sudden movements or grabbing them too tightly.

Make eye contact. When someone makes eye contact with you, try to hold their gaze for as long as possible. Let them know that you are interested in talking to them.

Relax your body language. When someone is around you, try to relax your body language as much as possible. Avoid tensing up your muscles or keeping your arms close to your body

Close Friends

Close friends are integral to our wellbeing, and can provide support and comfort when needed. Here are some tips for maintaining close friendships:

Establish and maintain regular communication. It's important to be open and communicative with your close friends, both about what's going on in your life and about the small quotidian details. This will help keep the friendship strong.

Share common interests. Close friends should have at least one thing in common that they can bond over. This could be a shared love of music, a fascination with history, or a general interest in things alike. Sharing these interests can help to create lasting connections between friends.

Be willing to listen. When it comes to close friendships, being able to listen is key. Let your friend talk without interruption, and don't try to take the conversation back on track right away. Let them have their moment of reflection or uninterrupted storytelling - it'll allow them to open up more easily and share more of what's important to them.

Be there for each other when needed. If one of your friends experiences a difficult situation - be it personal or professional - be there for them as a listening ear and support system. It may not always be easy; but being there for someone during tough times is one of the most valuable things you can do for them.


Human contact can be both exhilarating and frustrating, but it's an essential part of our social lives. In this article, we will highlight the five vital ways to survive human contact and ensure that you have a positive experience each time you're around someone. By following these tips, you'll be able to enjoy every interaction and make new friends while maintaining your current ones.

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